Case Study: S-Corp

LLC vs S - Corp Savings

In this scenario we take a business making 100k after expenses and analyze S-Corp savings


Net Profit$100,000$100,000
($50k Salary)
SS Taxes$12,400$6,200
Medicare Tax$2,800$1,400
Total SE Tax$15,300$7,650
Annual SE Saving$0$7,650/yr

Forming an S-Corp results in ~7.6% savings for a $100k Net Income company. Clearbooks CPA can help you not only set up an S-Corp but also provide the ongoing accounting service and guidance needed to help your business scale efficiently.

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Clearbooks CPA was very communicative and organized and helped save me the most money possible. Was informed about the best way to deal with Bitcoin and crypto taxation. 10/10 would recommend.

Sai Vuppala

@Sai Vuppala, 3 months ago

I started an export/import and distribution business last year and my finances were a complete mess with my previous CPA. After my initial meeting with Sugam Sharma I knew he was the right fit for my company and I...

Shayer Aziz

@Shayer Aziz ,18 hours ago

Sugam provided exceptional service to me and my eCommerce business. He was able to help me with my sales tax filings in multiple states while also providing metrics to help me scale my business. As a CPA he has saved me a...

Rian Kapadia

@Rian Kapadia, a month ago