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We are a comprehensive accounting firm who specializes in guiding businesses through everything from entity formation and bookkeeping to taxes, fundraising, and ultimately, dissolution.


Unlock Limitless Profitability and Scalability

We help small businesses save more in taxes by converting their business into an S-Corp, or an LLC.

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Decide Wisely: Choosing the Optimal Path Between,
LLC vs. S-Corp

Our expertise will guide you in avoiding excessive tax payments by optimizing your business entity, ensuring taxes are only assessed on your earnings, while meticulously analyzing deductions and expenses to uncover your true taxable income.

Get Pristine Books & Time to Focus On Your Business

Maximize Your Savings With Our
Tax Management

We will guide you in choosing the ideal business entity and provide comprehensive guidance to optimize benefits. For small businesses, S-Corporations prove highly advantageous, offering notable tax reductions through benefits, income shifting strategies, and proactive guidance.

Convert & Setup an S-Corp

We take care of preparing, completing, and filing all necessary forms with the relevant tax authorities.

S-Corp & LLC Analysis

Determine your eligibility and possible tax savings while ensuring your business stays compliant.


Get Pro-Active, Year-Round
Tax Guidance.

With our expertise and guidance, we’ll ensure you never overpay in taxes because you haven’t optimized your business entity.

Book a Tax & Bookkeeping Analysis

We’d like to show you how you can reduce taxes and grow your business.

Easy Tax Returns with Continued Bookkeeping

We’ll make sure your books are consistently up to date, handle your tax payments throughout the year, and transform tax season into an easy and stress-free experience for you.

Tax Reduction Plan with Streamlined Books

Our expert team will meticulously clean up your books and craft a comprehensive tax reduction plan customized to your business.

  • LLC
  • S-Corp
Net Profits$100,000$100,000 ($50,000 S-Corp Salary)
Social Security Taxes$12,400 (12.4%)$6,200 (12.4%)
Medicare Taxes$2,900 (2.9%)$1,450 (2.9%)
Total SE Taxes Due$15,300$7,650
Annual SE Tax Savings0$7,650/yr


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Sai Vuppala
Sai Vuppala
@Sai Vuppala, 3 months ago
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Clearbooks CPA was very communicative and organized and helped save me the most money possible. Was informed about the best way to deal with Bitcoin and crypto taxation. 10/10 would recommend.
Shayer Aziz
Shayer Aziz
@Shayer Aziz ,18 hours ago
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I started an export/import and distribution business last year and my finances were a complete mess with my previous CPA. After my initial meeting with Sugam Sharma I knew he was the right fit for my company and I...
Rian Kapadia
Rian Kapadia
@Rian Kapadia, a month ago
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Sugam provided exceptional service to me and my eCommerce business. He was able to help me with my sales tax filings in multiple states while also providing metrics to help me scale my business. As a CPA he has saved me a...

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